From Executive Chef to Business Owner

July 31, 2017

Ian Whittock has had 18 years of client and insurance knowledge. He also enjoys creating new business ventures and developing new services. Prior to this, Ian Whittock worked in London’s most prestigious hotels, first as an Executive Chef at four fine London hotels, and then as a Managing Director for Regent Glen Hotels. He also worked as Development Manager for Madhvarni Hotels.

After four years with the Madhvarni Hotels, Ian Whittock founded his first company, Identidot Coding Services Limited which is based in Aldridge, Birmingham. Identidot offers a major deterrent to theft by way of DNA coding valued possessions, including descriptions, dimensions and photographs of all items coded or listed. It also supplies specialist management software to assist clients, insurers and insurance brokers in the event of theft, fire, renewals or simply managing their assets. The company is now in business for 18 years. Recently, they merged with Opulent Lifestyle, a leading security hardware systems installer. The merger produced Identidot Systems Ltd, a separate company run by identidot with the assistance of Opulent Lifestyles’ former Director David Shel. The new company offers discreet but effective security measures for private individuals in their homes.

Ian Whittock is also the Director of Evoque Claims & Appraisals. The company functions as an Appraisal Service, a Claims Service, and also conducts auction Services. It possesses unique software systems that offer a prompt yet detailed understanding of the client’s requirements for both claims and appraisals. Evoque allows Insurers and Brokers to make constructive decisions at affordable prices: the company completes its insurance fact find in front of the client, and will attend a client’s residence in order to report on the claim circumstances. Evoque also offers auction services for Fine Art, Jewellery, Antique Furniture and Collectables, at competitive rates.

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