Advantages of Auction Marketing

September 19, 2017

If you are thinking of selling your estate, farm, business or estate assets, the auction method is in many cases create advantages for the buyer and seller that traditional property listings cannot match. When you decide to sell your assets, note these advantages why you must consider the auction method. Give Ian Whittock today for a no-obligation consultation!

Defined time to sell the property

With a known auction date, we know exactly when your property will sell. The date of the auction creates a sense of urgency with potential buyers and the auction process will put your property in the spotlight for all to see. The seller is in control of the timing which means he controls the financial impact of carrying costs.

The terms of the sale Is managed by the seller. The seller, with recommendations from the auction firm, sets the terms and conditions for the auction. Once they are established, all buyers attending will follow the same pre-determined rules allowing the seller to maintain a sense of control throughout the auction process.

Competitive Bidding

The price of your property is negotiated upwards by means of competitive bidding by the interested buyers. The current market value of the property is what a buyer is willing to pay at the time of sale.
By negotiating multiple bids one at a time, auctions can establish value and eliminate guessing of the price.

Convert your assets to cash quickly

Real estate sales usually close in 30-45 days after the auction date. This can eliminate the months or even years that a traditional real estate listing can remain on the market. Sellers of farm and construction equipment, business and estate assets benefit greatly by the ability to sell all their assets at once without the burdens associated with individual sales. Clients for non-real estate sales are paid in full by the auction company the week following the auction.

Ian Whittock and Evoque Claims and Appraisals will ensure a flawless auction to make your properties worth their value. Evoque Claims and Appraisals also provide bespoke Insurance appraisals and small claims reports to the high and mid net worth household insurance market. Designed to give both the client and the insurer peace of mind and relieves elements of under insurance, we give the insurer a full overview of the risk and gives both client and insurer a detailed breakdown of buildings and contents sum insured. Our claims reports are unique and not only gives the insurer an overview of the claim circumstances, it allows payment to be made quicker to the client.

Find out more about claims services and asset management on the Ian Whittock Behance page here and the Ian Whittock company's website here. Read Ian Whittock latest blog posts in his Medium page here.

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